Every year, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council holds a service in Garden of Reflection, within the grounds of Lagan Valley Island. The area is designed as a quiet space to remember babies who have been born asleep, lost through miscarriage and neonatal death, as well as young people under 18.
The names of loved ones lost are engraved on the benches with the Garden. It is open to the public all year round so that anyone can visit for a moment of quiet reflection.
The service in the Garden of Reflection was held on 30 May and was led by the LCCC Mayor, Councillor Scott Carson and his chaplain, Rev Roger Higginson. 
Trevor and Julie Kirkwood’s daughter Kirsty lost her son Alex in 2016, aged just five hours. The family was instrumental in helping to establish the Garden of Reflection alongside the Council.
Julie Kirkwood read a poem at the service which she wrote herself, called ‘Forget me not’.
Forget me not
For I’m still here
I’m the wind in the air
I’m the breeze in your ear
I’m the warmth on your skin on a sunny day
I’m the laughter amongst children when they play
I’m beside you when you look up to the sky
Together we watch the clouds float by
I know you’re sad
I watch you cry
It’s me that helps you wipe the tears from your eye
I have wonderful angels
Who surround me with their love
They are also watching & guiding you from above
So Forget me not
Please don’t cry
Remember it’s, ‘see you later’
And ‘not goodbye’
Standing left to right are: LCCC Director of Finance & Corporate Services, Cara McCrory; The Mayor’s Chaplain, Rev Roger Higginson; Councillor Uel Mackin; LCCC Mayor, Councillor Scott Carson.
Seated: Julie and Trevor Kirkwood and their daughter Kirsty (centre).