Business programmes

Our Business Solutions team offers various programmes throughout the year to support local businesses enhance their knowledge, develop new skills and experience growth. We encourage business start-ups, support job creation and promote Lisburn & Castlereagh as a prime location for investment.

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International Trade & Development Programme

This programme is designed to help local business owners and managers to develop their skills and confidence to operate in new markets including RoI, GB and international. through international trade missions.  


Due to our council and funder contribution to this programme each business only needs to cover their travel and accommodation costs.

What you receive from this programme

Participating businesses get support to: 

  • research customers, importers, distribution partners, suppliers or subcontractors in potential export markets
  • target new trade opportunities
  • plan itineraries
  • hold one-to-one meetings with potential trade partners

Businesses will also receive one-to-one mentoring information and advice on developing their business in their target markets.

Investment Programme

We want to support those businesses relocating or searching for new premises in the Lisburn & Castlereagh area through our ‘Soft Landing’ service.


Free.  You can have support to assist your business requirements. 

What you receive from this programme

It includes:

  • matching investors with opportunities in Lisburn and Castlereagh 
  • supporting businesses to connect with a network of top-class companies, universities, the local Chamber of Commerce and research centres

Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

This programme offers advice and support to young people to help them become future entrepreneurs.



What you receive from this programme

This programme offers:

  • training, advice and support to young people to develop their skills
  • help to become future entrepreneurs
  • opportunities to access training and employment
  • specialist support from The Prince’s Trust and Young Enterprise NI
  • inspiration to consider self-employment as a potential career pathway

Go Succeed NI Business Support

This is the new council partnership programme for all 11 local councils.

It is a service to help:

  • potential entrepreneurs
  • new starts
  • existing businesses

to maximise their potential and contribute to Northern Ireland’s economy.

It provides would-be and existing businesses with flexible, tailored and easily accessible advice and support at any stage of their growth journey.

More information is available on this link.